Fendragon - Cambridge based ceilidh band

New CD "Hot Airs" Available Now!

We are delighted to announce our new CD:


  1. Tricky Dicky / Liberation Polka
  2. Clermont / New Opera Hat
  3. Childgrove
  4. The Quaker / Three Around Three
  5. Cambridge Hornpipe / Nyth Y Gwcw
  6. Henri Quatre / Nantwich Fair
  7. Louis Waltz
  8. The Burdett / Sadlor's Baloon
  9. Jack Robinson / Mount Hills
  10. Nonesuch / A la Mode de France
  11. Knole Park / One More Dance and Then
  12. Shrewsbury Waltz / Princess Caroline's Waltz
  13. Sally Sloane's / When Daylight Shines
  14. French Quadrille / Laura and Lenza

Sound Clips

Here are some short samples:
Tricky Dicky (a Polka by Colin Cater)
Cambridge Hornpipe / Nyth Y GwCw (hornpipes)
Louis Waltz
The Burdett
Nonesuch (Playford)

Get a copy

The CD is still availabe from Anahata's Treewind CD shop

Excerpt from Review by Colin Andrews in What's Afoot

I love everything about this CD - the real foottapping music, the sleeve notes with, source, rhythm, & number of times through (useful for callers!), and the illustrations on cover and disc itself. But then I would expect nothing but the best from Mary Humphreys, Anahata, Gina & Dave Holland
A great album for listening to, or for dancing