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What's a "ceilidh", anyway?

"Ceilidh" ("kay-lee") is a Gaelic word originally meaning a social gathering or party. Over time, especially in England, it's come to mean an event that definitely includes dancing, and it's is the continuation of a long tradition of dances in village halls and big private houses (or "barn dances"). The modern " English ceilidh" especially emphasises simple dances that don't require any previous experience.

amnesty ceilidh 2 What makes it different from most other sorts of musical entertainment is the caller - the MC who teaches you the dances so you don't need to be an expert before you take to the dance floor. There are set dances, circle dances, couple dances, dances where you change partners and dances where you don't. It's easy and fun: we don't do difficult dances unless we're sure you're all experts!

A Ceilidh with Fendragon

For the music, we pick tunes that have the right sort of lively bounce to get you up and dancing, and choose the right music and speed to suit each dance perfectly and tell your feet where to go. We play mostly traditional English tunes that have evolved over the years to be perfect for this type of dancing.

amnesty ceilidh 3 We work with several callers on a regular basis, and will provide one as part of the package or work with the caller of your choice.

We play for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, fundraisers, office and club parties, public ceilidhs - any excuse to have a good time, in fact. The pictures on this page were taken from an Amnesty International ceilidh where we played in 2005.

What You Provide

What We Provide

Photos from Amnesty International

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